6 reasons why healthcare institutions are the target of cyber attackers

Although healthcare institutions may still be recovering from the pandemic, they remain vulnerable to another crisis: cyber-attacks. According to “The Cyber Research Databank,” healthcare is the third most exposed industry to cyber-attacks. In this article, we will outline the six main reasons why this industry is at risk.

1. Private patient information is valuable to attackers

Health institutions are obligated not only to their patients’ health but also to the protection of their private data. Patient privacy is guaranteed by federal Health Information Portability and Disclosure Act (HIPPA) guidelines. Cyber attackers target these institutions due to the large amount of valuable data they possess.

2. Medical equipment serves as an entry point for attackers

Innovative medical devices designed to improve patient health may be used as entry points for attacks since they are not always designed with security in mind. Cyber attackers can use these devices to gain access to other network devices, enabling them to install costly viruses.

3. Remote staff access to patient data

Medical staff are sometimes forced to access patient data on different devices, which can pose a security risk. It is essential that any attacked devices are immediately isolated from the network to prevent further damage.

4. Health staff are not educated about the dangers of the Internet

Although healthcare workers are educated to do their job, they are not always educated about the dangers of cyber-attacks. It is important to provide staff with training to raise awareness of cyber security risks and protection techniques.

5. Protects reputation

A security breach can cause customers to lose confidence in a business. In fact, 80% of surveyed customers stated that if their data was compromised, they would not use the services of that business, and 85% of them would share their negative experience with others.

6. Avoids punishments

Legal regulations protect customer rights and data. Violating these regulations may result in heavy penalties and damage to the institution’s reputation.

What does UKITES by PBC offer for the security of health institutions?

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