4 Reasons Why the Manufacturing Sector Needs Cybersecurity

When you think of cybercrimes or cyber attackers, factories or the manufacturing sector are probably the least likely to come to mind. But in the digital age, cyber security is vital for every sector.

Manufacturers may think they don’t need this type of security, but in this article, we’re providing four reasons why they do.

1. Cybercrimes are on the rise

The increase in cyber-attacks from year to year is alarming. Based on the statistics from IBM and the Ponemon Institute, in 2021 the cost of cyber-attacks was $4.24 million, more than two trillion compared to the cost of attacks in 2015. These figures show that, along with the development of technology, the possibility of cyber-attacks has increased.

2. Producers are a valuable target

Would a cyber attacker target a manufacturing company? Of course, they would. Companies in this industry possess a large amount of valuable data. This information is of a financial but also personal nature, the violation of which costs these companies dearly.

3. Cyber-attacks can cause serious consequences

Money and data aren’t the only things at stake in this industry. Cyber-attacks can risk damaging the production process or even interrupting it. And this would automatically cost the company and their customers huge losses.

4. Lack of cybersecurity experience in new industry trends

Even this industry has not escaped technological development. Industry 4.0 is still considered a new concept, and many manufacturing companies are facing it for the first time. This sector is accepting technological development at an incredible pace, but it does not recognize the risks that come with the benefits of technology.

Since the industry is not very prepared for this, even the employees are not ready to identify these risks. As a result, they can easily fall prey to cyber-attacks. Without a security culture, manufacturers will not be able to avoid cyber-attacks.

How can UKITES by PBC help you with your company’s cyber security?

Since the security industry is so sensitive, companies belonging to this sector should take more care about the security of their data. It is important to apply the latest security practices and educate employees about the risks and possibilities of cyber-attacks. How can you do this? It’s not as hard as it seems if you have the right partners. UKITES by PBC ensures that your security is at the highest level. For this service, contact UKITES by PBC at the email: info@ukites.co.uk