4 Reasons Why Your Bank Needs Cyber Security

Today, banks and financial institutions are not only at risk from physical robberies. With the rise of digital platforms, hundreds and thousands of transactions are now conducted through digital channels, putting them at risk of cybercriminals. Cyber security is crucial for banks as their very existence depends on trust and credibility. But what are the […]

Why Are Insurance Companies the Target of Cyber Attacks?

Insurance companies are among the companies most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These companies must realize the value of their data to attackers to protect themselves from potential breaches. Insurance companies possess vast amounts of personal, financial, and health information that, if breached, can have severe consequences. Such negligence can result in financial losses and reputational damage. […]

4 Reasons Why the Manufacturing Sector Needs Cybersecurity

When you think of cybercrimes or cyber attackers, factories or the manufacturing sector are probably the least likely to come to mind. But in the digital age, cyber security is vital for every sector. Manufacturers may think they don’t need this type of security, but in this article, we’re providing four reasons why they do. […]

6 reasons why healthcare institutions are the target of cyber attackers

Although healthcare institutions may still be recovering from the pandemic, they remain vulnerable to another crisis: cyber-attacks. According to “The Cyber Research Databank,” healthcare is the third most exposed industry to cyber-attacks. In this article, we will outline the six main reasons why this industry is at risk. 1. Private patient information is valuable to […]